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Christian Scrinzi is the interpreter of the Bolla quality.  It was his grandfather who gave him his early fascination with wine through their many excursions to the vineyards around their home in Trentino, a well known wine region in Northeast Italy.  These early experiences led Christian to complete his studies in agriculture and oenology and ultimately to Gruppo Italiano Vini where he is the Director of Oenology responsible for creating  Bolla wines and carrying on the tradition of trusted quality that American’s have come to know and love.

For Christian the key factor in oenology is the basic material, the grapes: they need to be interpreted, fostered and handled with respect for their individuality and for that of their area, bearing in mind the needs of the market. It is only thanks to a rigorous selection of grapes and to a careful process of vinification that the healthier and more long-lived wines, expressive of their terroirs, can be created.

Christian Scrinzi’s philosophy is that Bolla wines are meant to be enjoyed by everyone and for all occasions.  His goal is to produce wines that continue to reflect their own Italian style --wines that are genuine, pleasing and express some of Veneto’s best producing areas.

Moreover, integrity, trust, teamwork, safety in the workplace and respect for the surrounding environment are key-factors for him.  Building up relationships of mutual trust with farmers and customers, as well as ongoing investment in the production facilities, research, education and development of staff, are essential for fostering growth.

Christian Scrinzi, married with two daughters, lives in Rovereto (Trento) where he was born. His love of mountains also influenced his sporting hobbies: trekking and mountain biking and, in winter, cross-country and downhill skiing. He has developed a great passion for modern art and for the restoration of antique furniture, but his greatest love is for his work.



Bolla Winemaker, Christian Scrinzi